A well established girls primary school in Crosshaven, Co. Cork, asked us to give their school a brand that reflected who they were today but also where they came from.  We established their new school values in our brand values workshop; exuberance, integrity and communication, their new mission statement, “to proactively….” and their new tagline “watch me grow”

The brandmark uses the original St. Brigids Cross image as a shape within the flower. St. Brigid is the patron saint of spring and this provides the inspiration for the flower which symbolises growth and positivity.

No stone was left unturned in the rollout of this brand. The entire school was rebranded, from external facia design, to signage, to internal school inspirational graphics, to little quotes in the classroom. The school uniform was even give a new look to bring their brand values to life. The student school diary, stationery, website were also part of a seamless repositioning of the school.