Project Description

Gookies is a handmade gluten free cookie dough in many tasty and wonderful flavours. Each roll is lovingly created by Muriel, a entrepreneur with a grand vision for her cookies. The nice part about our job is that we have to sample all the products we brand…and sample we did!

For this brand in particular we went the extra mile and baked several batches, for research purposes you understand! Delicious was the first word that sprang to mind, with the extra benefit of being a gluten/wheat free product. So why can’t these cookies be for everyone we asked? We decided to shift the focus of the packaging and the brand mark from gluten free and make it more about a tasty and homemade product that is fun and easy to bake. Something to create a moment at home with the kids or pull out of the fridge at a moments notice when those unexpected visitors arrive and hey presto – fresh baked cookies melting with gooeyness.