We especially love designing for schools. Finding out what makes a school unique and celebrating it in a way that inspires both the staff and students is a challenge we embrace whole heartedly!

When Rushbrooke NS approached us they were nearing completion of their state-of-the-art new building. This was was the result of years of planning and they were keen that the essence of the old school was brought into the new. We set to work, defining with representatives from the school on establishing there new school ethos: ”We value each and every person encouraging you to be all you can be”.

From the beginning of the project we got a strong sense from the staff that this was a school that was pioneering in its efforts. At every stage in its history it had set new heights of excellence not just academically but holistically. We also wanted to reflect the diversity of those that had positively brought the school to this exciting new phase in its history; theConvent of Mercy, the staff, the students and the community. Equally the school is perched on a hill over looking Cork Harbour and the Haulbowline Naval Base. Interestingly the name “Rinn an Chabhlaigh” translates from Irish as “Turning point of the navy”.

We took each of these elements and celebrated this as the central icon in the design. We developed a symbol of a Tall Ship emerging from a Book that was being carefully guided by the stars. We also represented the Mercy Cross on the sail. “Mó Chumas Abú” became the tagline representing the strong ethos of “Be all you can Be” in the school. This was brought to life throughout the school environment through inspiring quotes, illustration and a celebration of the students in the school and inspiring them throughout their day at school. We also worked on developing school journals, stationery and the school website to ensure the ethos of the school was consistently delivered on every communication touchpoint.